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What Do You Get In The Free Guide Pack?

Type 2 Diabetes Management Guide

74 Pages

Learn 30 easy-to-follow ways to help you manage Type 2 Diabetes (and your blood sugar levels) effectively. This guide is essential for anyone with Type 2 Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes Meds Guide

24 Pages

Learn more about the multiple different types of Type 2 Diabetes meds, what they are, how they act, the potential side effects and much more!

Top 12 Foods and Drinks To Avoid Guide

18 Pages

Learn the top 12 foods and drinks that pre-diabetics and type 2 diabetics MUST avoid. Lower your blood sugar levels with this simple to follow guide.

As someone newly diagnosed with Type 2, these guides were a lifesaver. The tips on carb counting and meal planning have made managing my blood sugar much less overwhelming.

Sarah, 42

“I grew up in a household that loved fast food. It was quick, easy, and a treat. Discovering the harmful impact of processed and fast foods on my health through this guide has made me revisit my choices. I’ve started cooking more at home using fresh ingredients. My family loves it, and I’ve watched my blood sugar levels stabilise.”

Tasha, 48

“As a busy parent, I found these guides practical, easy-to-implement advice perfect for my hectic lifestyle. It’s made managing my Type 2 diabetes much more manageable.”

Jenna, 34

I’ve struggled with my blood sugar levels for years. The practical advice from these guides on exercise and diet changes has finally helped me get on the right track.

Mike, 57

“The section on sweets and chocolates hit home for me. As a lifelong chocoholic, it was tough to accept that my favourite treat was contributing to my health decline. The guide gave me the push I needed to seek healthier alternatives like dark chocolate and natural sweeteners. My cravings have become more manageable, and my mood has lifted.”

Greg, 53

I was skeptical about how much lifestyle changes could impact my diabetes. These guides proved me wrong – the difference is remarkable.

James, 68

The section on stress management was eye-opening. I never realised how much my stress levels affected my diabetes until I followed these strategies.”

Priya, 35

“The insights on white bread and refined grains made me relook my pantry. I’ve transitioned to whole grains and have introduced foods like barley and millet. Not only do they keep me fuller for longer, but I’ve also seen a drop in my post-meal sugar spikes. The guide has really helped me focus on my diet with some easy-to-make changes to improve my health.”

Beatrice, 59

The recommendations for fibre intake have transformed my diet. I feel fuller, more energetic, and my blood sugar readings have never been better.”

Emma, 38

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About The Author

Neil D'Silva is a distinguished nutritionist specialising in the areas of type 2 diabetes prevention and reversal. His journey into nutrition combines personal and professional aspects, shaping his unique perspective. He is also founder of Diabetes Solutions - a wellbeing company dedicated to helping pre-diabetics and type 2 diabetics in their quest for better health.

In his earlier years, Neil navigated the challenges of weight gain and health issues. However, everything changed for Neil in 2012 when his father passed away. This event, along with his own type 2 diabetes diagnosis, sparked his passion for health, nutrition, and for type 2 diabetes itself. With an extensive array of qualifications, Neil has established himself as an authority in the field.

As Neil continues to make strides in the field of nutrition, he is also venturing now into authorship with The KISSS Plan - aiming to share his wealth of knowledge to a global audience with the genuine commitment to see an end to type 2 diabetes (and the suffering it causes) across the world.

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